The 41st Conference of Federation of ASEAN Economists Association (FAEA 41)

Call for papers: The 41st Conference of Federation of ASEAN Economists Association (FAEA 41)

The year of 2016 marks the first year implementation of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), as a sign of economic openness between ASEAN countries. However, the economic performance of ASEAN, especially in the last four decades is certainly not independent of economic cooperation that has been done by ASEAN countries as their commitment so far. Four pillars of the AEC are namely: (1) single market and production base, (2) competitive economic region, (3) equitable economic development, and (4) integration with the global economy. The success of the AEC implantation in each country depends largely on the ability of government policy to translate the roadmap of the AEC four pillars into concrete actions. Moreover, the roles of private sector in AEC implementation should continue to be embraced, including improved production quality and added value through diversification of production.
Indonesia could play as important roles in the AEC implementations through series of meetings and negotiation, possibility trade patterns, investments and so forth. The most important points of economic integration in this region are (1) the intensity of intra-regional trade and (2) convergence of macroeconomic conditions. Instead of making single monetary unit, it is much better to harmonize the economy and monetary policy between ASEAN countries. Each country, however, should pay close attention on the downturn of the global economy and specific economic policy movements in China, the United States, European Unions and some emerging markets. These could provide some prospects of the future of AEC four pillars and new breeds of challenges that should be anticipated by ASEAN member countries.
The Indonesian Economists Association (ISEI) will host The 41st Conference of Federation of ASEAN Economists Association (FAEA), an annual calendar of the Federation that could provide avenues for prominent economists, scholars, private sectors and government officials in the region to meet and exchange views on important issues of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). The Organizing Committee and Steering Committee at ISEI have agreed to bring out the theme of “Four Pillars of ASEAN Economic Community: Implementations, Prospects and Challenges” as the main theme of The 41st FAEA Conference this year. The FAEA Conference will be held on November 23-25 of 2016 in Yogyakarta, Central Java, Indonesia.

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