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Struggle For New Media Of Peace And Tolerance: A Close Look To The Usage Of Internet In Defining And Building Young Muslim Community In Indonesia

Imam Malik Ridwan
AL ALBAB - Borneo Journal of Religious Studies (BJRS) - 02 December 2015
As for religion, internet has become a very important aspect in people’s everyday live, especially for those who seek information and further understanding about religion; internet is a way in and out to do so. While in one side internet has been a great help in providing sources and opportunity to learn religion in a new way, it also has a negative potential for the growing numbers of radicalism and religious extremism. Various researches and studies have bought up large data showing that these negative effects of internet bring bad influences to religious believers. Nevertheless, the ability of internet in providing and spreading information are also a way out in bringing back religion to its ideal path, that is to evoke peace and welfare among people. Internet is then used as a field for dakwah (proselytizing) to spread more peaceful as well as relevant information non religion and its related topics. Online dakwah is therefore meant to initiate peace and non-violent ways in understanding and practicing religion in real life. Focused targets for the dakwah are youth as the most active users of internet, as well as government to initiate and implement such policies to keep internet clean from violence and extremism.

Hepatitis B Virus Peptide Inhibitors: Solution Structures and Interactions with the Viral Capsid

Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry (submitted)
Bimo A. Tejo, Ph.D
Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry (OBC) - 11 February 2011
Hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection remains a health problem globally despite the availability of effective vaccines. In the assembly of the infectious virion, both the preS and S regions of the HBV large surface antigen (L-HBsAg) interact synergistically with the viral core antigen (HBcAg). Peptides preS and S based on the L-HBsAg were demonstrated as potential inhibitors to block the viral assembly. Therefore, the objectives of this study were to determine the solution structures of these peptides and study their interactions with HBcAg.

Low Coverage Palladium Adsorption on Graphene: First Principles Study Quantum Matter

Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience
Rifki Muhida, Ph.D
American Scientific Publishers - 01 October 2015
In this paper, we investigate stable geometries, electronic and magnetic properties of low coverage palladium (Pd) atom adsorption on graphene using first principles calculations with the generalized gradient approximation. Calculations show that single Pd atom located at the top of carbon atom is the energetically favorable configuration, and is found to be semiconductor and non-magnetic. We also compute the projected density of states (PDOS) around Fermi level and beyond. It is found that, C-Pd covalent interaction is mainly dominated by 2pz of C, 5s and 4d like states of Pd.

Frequency Analysis of Design Flood Discharge Using Gumbel Distribution at Katulampa Wei Ciliwung River

Journal of Applied Engineering Research, vol 10, no 4, Hal. 9935-9946 (2015)
Yureana Wijayanti, Ph.D.
Research India Publications - 07 October 2015
Floods in Jakarta region is an annual problem. Overflow of Ciliwung River is one of rivers that causing floods in Jakarta. Katulampa Post / Weir is an early warning system of flooding occurrence in Ciliwung River before entering the city. The discharge at Katulampa weir measured by using manual or conventional system. This paper presented study result of frequency analysis of maximum dischargeat Katulampa Weir. The outcome will be utilized as the basis in the prediction of design-flood discharge for flood management plan. Flood often occurs in Ciliwung River which detected at Katulampa Weir. This study is preceded by analyzing the discharge and precipitation data using approach hydrology and statistics.

Quasiparticle Band Structure Study of Ternary Mixed Chalcogenide Bi2te2s as Topological Insulator

Chalcogenide Letters Vol. 12, No. 2, Hal. 85 - 90 (2015)
Rifki Muhida, Ph.D
Edited by Virtual Institute of Physics- Virtual Company of Physics - 12 March 2015
In this paper, ternary mixed chalcogenide Bi2Te2S has been investigated using first principle within the density functional theory (DFT) calculation as well as many body perturbation theory within the GW quasiparticle approximations. For the DFT calculation, we have used generalize gradient approximations (GGA) as exchange correlation function and found that, Bi2Te2S has a narrow band gap with a band gap of about 0.058eV, while or the GW calculation, we have evaluated both the quarsi bands structure, and absorption spectrum using random phase approximation (RPA).

Book Chapter: Advanced Analytical Techniques for The Characterization of Phenolic Compounds in Medicinal Plants

Recent Progress in Medicinal Plants
Dr. Ihsan Iswaldi
Studium Press LLC - 07 May 2017
Advanced Analytical Techniques for The Characterization of Phenolic Compounds in Medicinal Plants