Surya University
Riset Unggulan

1. Creative Tourism: People, Product, Process, and Press
West Sumatra has 4.96 Million residents who own a unique culture based on a matrilineal system. The unique culture is exposed on horn-shaped roof of traditional house, culinary (e.g., rendang, curry), and artworks (e.g., songket, sulaman). Furthermore, its geographic features offer a land of scenic beauty with lakes, mountains, and tropical forests. However, this study focused on Rumah Gadang and Songket.

Therefore, this study aims to collect information about Rumah Gadang and Songket; for example, identifying numbers and identity of each Rumah Gadang and Songket, and also any corresponding historical and normative values (e.g., historical data, materials and designs, owners, function).
The information will be used as a part of creative tourism, which empower local people based on their characteristics then introduce their uniqueness through tourism to boost local economy.

2. Youth Technopreneurship: A Baseline
A fast growing entrepreneurship spirit has emerged in the developing countries and becomes increasingly important subjects among the youths. Indeed, youth entrepreneurship is viewed as one essential study in entrepreneurship since it leads to positive impacts to the society. There have been many inspiring stories of youth entrepreneurs that successfully bring socio-economic benefits, such as promoting creativity, developing traits and inter-relationship and creating new jobs.

Despite of its importance, study on youth entrepreneurship often has been overlook in Indonesia although there are vocational schools that educate their students to be entrepreneurs or skilled-workers. Unemployment issue still exists and remains challenges among the graduates of vocational schools.
This study aims to develop a reasoned and logical understanding of the significances of vocational education and youth entrepreneurship in Indonesia. The results of this study are used as a baseline for designing specific recommendations for national regulation and guidelines on vocational education and youth entrepreneurship in Indonesia.

3. Digital Marketing for Retail Industries
A new competitive era in retail industries brought a new insight to combine traditional marketing and social media marketing. This type marketing named Marketing Mix. Additionally, an industry should be stand out amongst its competitors by being creative and innovative, and also offering added value. For these reasons, this study will employ digital media as the pool of new marketing opportunities.   

This study aims to generating, selecting, executing the right ideas, and bringing the ideas as a proactive way of the industry to compete in the market.

4. Mobile Chemistry
Mobile Chemistry merupakan salah satu trend konvergensi bidang analytical chemistry, miniaturization dan ICT. Mahasiswa akan bekerja dalam tim multidisiplin untuk melakukan riset dan mengembangkan apps (aplikasi) yang memiliki impact (dampak) baik dan potensi komersialisasi.

5. Green Marketing
Pemasaran Hijau (Green Marketing) merupakan topik yang sangat penting untuk dibahas mengingat pemanasan global menjadi isu yang sangat penting di beberapa perusahaan di berbagai negara, termasuk Indonesia. Dari penelitian ini diharapkan akan dapat terlihat dampak positif dari Pemasaran Hijau (Green Marketing)  terhadap keputusan pembelian konsumen. Ottman (2006) mengemukakan bahwa dimensi green marketing dengan mengintegrasikan lingkungan ke dalam semua aspek pemasaran pengembangan produk baru (green product) dan komunikasi (green communication).