Surya University
Tentang Surya Satellite-1

Indonesia is a big nation consisting of thousands of island and cultures which needs excellent communication, one of which is via satellite to further tighten the bonds of the people. Satellites in Indonesia has been established since 1970, the first satellite launch by the Indonesia was the Palapa Satellite. By further developing the skills of the young generation in learning and researching about satellites, it would be easier to compete with the world.

Surya Satellite-1 (SS-1) is a 10 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm nanosatellite which is designed and produced by Surya University’s college student to prove the capability of Indonesia’s scholars in manufacturing and deploying their own satellites which has been done by scholars from USA, Japan, China, and Europe.

In the process of making this satellite, the scholars are helped by the lecturers of Surya university and a team of experts from ORARI and LAPAN to provide guidance and knowledge from making the satellite to launching it. Although it is small in size, it has an important function ranging from data transfer, repeater for data communication for automatic package reporting system (APRS), and data gathering for natural disasters. Furthermore, this satellite can be used to be as a vessel for communication for all university laboratories, companies, and radio amateurs across Indonesia. Other practical uses of these satellites include tracking car position, hikers, fisherman’s boat, and even hotspots in the forests. Many benefits can be gained with the presence of the satellite.
With this satellite launch program, we can show that the scholars of Indonesia can compete with scholars from across the globe. Furthermore, we would like to ask for your sincere help to support scholar dream to develop and launch their very own satellite. The help can be in the form of fund, tools, equipment, plane tickets, publication, or other cooperation, which can benefit both sides.

To conclude, we would like to say thank you to Ministry of Communication and Information Technology Indonesia, Chairman of the board of Central ORARI, Chief of LAPAN, PT. Pasifik Satelit Nusantara, PT. Pudak Scientific, other lecturers from Surya University, and the Indonesian societies who supported us in fulfilling our mission.

The link of the Satellite login OTP is below: