Surya University
Daftar & Link


1. Center for Innovation and Certification (CIC)

2. Center of Mobile, Micro and Nanotechnology (CMMN)

3. Center for Robotic and Intelligent Machines (CRIM)

4. Center of Glass and Optics Devices (CGOD) 

5. Center for Technopreneurship & Innovation (CTI)  

6. Comprehensive Herbal Medicine Institute (CHMI)    

7. Center for Sustainable Aquaculture and Pathology Studies (Aqua Path)

8. Surya Center for Language and Culture Studies

9. Center for Complexities  (CC)  

10. Center for Sustainibility         

11. Center for Community Development

12.Center for Art and Community Management (ARCOLABS)                            

13. Center for Metrology and Microanalysis (CMM)                        

14. Center for Advanced Marine Vehicle Research                                   

15. Center for Renewable Energy                      

16. Database, Datawarehouse And Mining Research Center         

17. Research Center for Catastrophe and Disaster Mitigation (CCDM-SU)

18. Center for Oceanography and Marine Technology (COMT) 

19. Center for Marine Product                                      

20. Center for Clean Water Technology (CCWT)               

21. Supercomputing Center for Education & Research (SCER)                                 

22. Center for Beverages                                            

23. Center for Functional Food                                      

24. Brain & Circulation Institute of Indonesia (BCII)                

25. Center for Molecular Biodiversity And Biotechnology Research (CMBBR)  

26. Surya Institute for the Promotion of Science (SIPS)      

27. Center for Curriculum Development (CCD)   

28. Center of  Math GASING (CMG)  

29. Center of Science and Mathematics Olympiad (CoSMOs)                         

30. 2D Games Research Center                                                                

31. Center for  Innovative Learning (CIL)                         

32. Academic Resource Planning Institute (ARPI)

33. Center for Digital Broadcasting